Top 5 Events That Need Portable Restrooms

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When it comes to planning events, people will usually focus on the most obvious factors. This includes completing the guest list, finding caterers for the food, what program to follow, and arranging the decorations. You would probably try to find a good entertainer or host too and maybe even rent a photo booth. However, what most people tend to overlook when planning is having access to clean and sanitized restrooms.

Now, for some people, the first image that comes to mind when they hear portable restroom rental is a standalone blue porta potty. However, for some events, this just won't do. Sometimes, you need to provide portable restrooms that are more comfortable and presentable such as restroom trailers.


Access to clean and sanitized portable restrooms is a crucial aspect of planning, especially in big events that call for large audiences. Can you just imagine how inconvenient it will be if you only have 2 restrooms for hundreds of guests? Your event will probably be the biggest talk of the town but not for good reasons. Thus, if you want to leave a good impression and have your guests and attendees comfortable throughout your event, you will need to rent restroom trailers.

When you rent portable restroom trailers, you can address the following issues:

  • Sanitation: Big events are a hotspot for germs and bacteria. However, by renting portable toilets, you can help keep those germs and bacteria at bay. This is especially true when you rent luxury portable restroom trailers that have running water.
  • Plumbing: For some locations, plumbing is not an option. Thus, when you don't want to deal with repairs or installations, you can just easily place a portable bathroom. This is also a more convenient option since it minimizes the chances of clogged toilets or drains, which could be a nuisance if you have to deal with it during the event.
  • Cleanliness: When a lot of people use a single space, it's quicker and easier to turn dirty and unappealing. But by offering portable restroom trailers, you can keep your event clean and minimize the mess.
  • Accessibility: You are expected and even mandated by law to offer the same facilities to everyone in attendance, including persons with disabilities. Thus, when you are planning a large indoor or outdoor event, you will need ADA accessible restroom trailers as well.

A portable restrooms, in terms of big events, becomes a necessity. So if you are planning any of the gatherings below, contact Island Restroom Suites for your portable restroom trailer rental needs.

5 Big Events That Need Portable Restroom Trailers

1. Gala

When you're planning for a Gala, you are probably looking at hundreds and even thousands of attendees with their formal attires. For such an event, it's best to provide portable restroom trailers that match your fancy theme. But aside from appearance, luxury portable trailers offer a bigger interior space. This extra room allows guests with ball gowns and dresses to move more comfortably while inside.

2. Corporate Events

Corporate events are formal and professional. Thus, a porta potty might not blend well. So if you're looking for restroom trailers that go well with the type of fancy event you are planning, luxury trailers are your best choice. Portable restroom trailers are perfect for such upscale events since your guests might be looking for more than just a toilet and a toilet paper when they enter a restroom.

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3. Concerts and Festivals

When you are planning for a concert or a festival, it's a must that you meet your state's requirements for bathroom & portable restrooms, especially when you are going to apply for a permit. A restroom trailer can also keep your guests happy. See, the last thing you want in a concert is a crowd of unhappy people who have been waiting in line for hours.

With a lot of people in your event, having multiple portable restroom trailers in different locations can cut down your attendees' waiting time. This will also keep the focus on your party and not on how long the lines were for your restrooms.

4. Marathons

If you are planning to hold a marathon, a portable restroom trailer is better because it is more spacious. Thus, you can offer your attendees a comfortable place where they can change and get ready. Also, there are some rental companies like Island Restroom Suites that offer portable bathrooms and shower trailers so you can offer them a private place to clean up after running.

5. Sporting Events

During sporting events, there will be a lot of food and beverage so expect a lot of attendees coming in and out of the restroom. To meet their needs, consider offering portable restroom trailers with a wide capacity and several stalls. Usually, these facilities ensure there's running water for washing hands and flushing the toilet. Also, unlike porta potties, they are less likely to get clogged. Thus, even when you have a lot of people using them, they'd stay clean and usable throughout your event.

Choosing A Good Portable Restroom for Event

Now, not all portable restroom trailers are the same. Some are just better than others. Thus, when choosing what to rent for your event, here are the things you should look out for:

  • Comfort

When choosing a portable restroom trailer, the first thing you have to consider is the comfort it can provide. Check for flushing toilets, sinks, interior lighting, and other convenient aspects such as countertops or places where you can temporarily put your things. Also, check with the company if they provide toilet papers, paper hand towels, hand soap, trash bins, and trash bags.

For other companies such as Island Restroom Suites, we offer regular cleaning supplies and services as well. If you prefer, we can also arrange professional attendants for your event.

  • Capacity

To determine what portable restroom size to rent, you should first consider the number of people you are expecting. Then, make sure that the rental company of your choice can accommodate that number. For instance, here at Island Restroom Suites, we offer portable restrooms for small private weddings or a gala with over 2,000 guests. Furthermore, we have custom solutions for any type of event you are planning.

  • Functionality

Portable restrooms for rent can make your guests feel special, especially with their extra features. So when choosing, consider if the unit has climate control features. This will extremely be handy if you're planning your event in summer or during the cold months. Other features to look out for also includes great interior lighting, mirrors, and running water.


Portable Restrooms Near Me

In need of portable restroom trailers for your big event? Let Island Restroom Suites help you. We have a dedicated commercial rental fleet of shower and restroom trailers that will surely meet your event's needs. Give us a call at 786-766-1067 to learn more or contact us to get a quote today.

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