Portable Restroom in Key West, FL

Areas that we service:

We have provided the best portable toilet for rent in Florida for many years and hope to expand more in the future. 

The areas that we are currently renting portable toilets in Florida:

  • Palm Beach
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Myers
  • Marathon
  • Boca Raton
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Key West
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Mallory Square at dusk, Key West

Bathrooms are essential when it comes to events, construction sites, disaster relief operations, and commercial functions. The absence or lack of such facilities can result in discomfort and inconvenience. It may even cause your whole affair or project to fail. So if you're planning for an event in the Key West, Fl area anytime soon, make sure to call Island Restroom Suites for all your restroom and bathroom facility needs. With us, we'll help make sure your event is memorable and a success.

At Island Restroom Suites, we offer a wide variety of portable luxury restroom trailers, shower trailers, and portable toilets that are used exclusively for private and commercial events. We have ADA-accessible units as well, which are designed to accommodate those with special needs. Aside from that, we also have handwash stations, holding tanks, and pump-out services for RVs and marines. Check out our list of services below.

Event Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in Key West, FL

What We Offer

Our luxury portable restroom trailers feature an air conditioner, heater, flushing toilet, lights, and sink. Each one has running water, paper hand towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and trash bins as well. We've also made sure each unit looks good from the inside out.

At Island Restroom Suites, we offer a wide variety of luxury trailers you can choose from, including the following:

  • Signature
  • Residence
  • ADA Accessible
  • Rustic
  • Elite
  • Wellington

Event Portable Toilet Rental in Key West, FL

Need a simpler and cheaper option than a luxury restroom trailer? Check out our portable toilet rentals. We have standard units, which are complete with all the essentials, and handi event portable toilets, which are designed for those with special needs.

Commercial Services in Key West, FL

Planning a concert, sporting event, festival, concert, or any other commercial event? Island Restroom Suites has you covered. Our commercial services include restroom trailers that are exclusively used for functions such as yours. With us, you have the following trailer options:

  • ADA-Accessible
  • Restrooms Trailers
  • Shower Trailers

Don't need trailers? Our commercial services also include the following facilities:

Disaster Relief Assistance in Key West, FL

Island Restroom Suites provides disaster relief and emergency assistance nationwide, including the Key West area. To help maintain cleanliness, safety, and health in the affected area, we can deploy the following facilities:

  • Laundry trailers
  • Refrigeration trailers
  • Generators
  • Pumper service or sanitation trucks
  • ADA accessible restroom trailers
  • Portable shower trailers

Handwash Stations in Key West, FL

Whether you're having an intimate gathering or a large public event, you can encourage your guests to keep their hands clean with our handwash stations. Each unit is self-contained, so it doesn't need to be connected to any power or water supply.

Portable Toilet Rental in Key West

Island Restroom Suites are your Key West portable restroom trailer specialists. We have owned and operated the company since 2014, making us knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Unlike other rental companies, we are not brokers. Thus, allowing us to be flexible and able to mobilize our units on-demand at competitive rates.

When you choose Island Restroom Suites, you are choosing the best possible portable restroom trailer and portable toilet rentals in Key West, Florida. With our keen attention to detail, modern facilities, and unparalleled 24/7 service, we guarantee you and your guests only an exceptional bathroom experience. We can also arrange a custom solution just for your event. Just call us on 786-766-1067 or send us an email today for more details.