Portable Restroom in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Event Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Areas that we service:

We have provided the best portable toilet for rent in Florida for many years and hope to expand more in the future. 

The areas that we are currently renting portable toilets in Florida:

  • Palm Beach
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Myers
  • Marathon
  • Boca Raton
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Key West
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Restroom Trailer on the beach

When you need to rent a portable toilet near Palm Beach Gardens, Island Restroom Suites has you covered. Our portable toilets are built with high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Whether you're organizing a small event, a large gala, or managing a construction site, our portable toilet rental in Palm Beach Gardens will meet your restroom needs.

Our restrooms are engineered to trap and contain odors, ensuring your guests remain comfortable and unbothered by unpleasant smells or sights. If you’re planning an event or construction project and need a dependable restroom solution, we are ready to help. Contact us today, and our helpful staff will assist you with any questions regarding our services, from pricing to availability.

Event Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When hosting an event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, it's important to ensure that your guests have the best possible experience. If you need a luxury portable restroom in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Island Restrooms is your top choice. We have been providing portable restroom trailers and portable toilet rentals to clients throughout the Palm Beach Gardens area since 2014. Our staff will ensure that your guests have access to clean facilities at all times, so you can focus on ensuring that your guests are having fun at your event!

What We Offer

Island Restroom Suites provides our customers with various options for their portable toilet rental needs, from one-day events to long-term construction projects. Our portable restrooms are clean, sanitary, and easy to use, ensuring your event or project runs smoothly without any interruptions. Each of our luxury portable toilets is equipped with interior and exterior lights, a flushing toilet, sink, running water, air conditioner, and heater. Every unit is also complete with all the essentials, including paper hand towels, hand soap, toilet paper, trash bags, and trash bins. Not to mention that our units and facilities look beautiful from the inside out.

We offer our services to businesses and individuals in the Palm Beach County area. Our team is highly trained in customer service and will work hard to make sure you get the best product possible for your needs. Here's a list of our dedicated fleet of luxury portable restroom trailers used exclusively for special events:

special events:

  • Signature
  • Residence
  • ADA-Accessible
  • Rustic
  • Elite
  • Wellington

Commercial Restroom Trailers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

At Island Restroom Suites, we understand that many businesses need a place to go when their bathrooms become too messy or too dirty. That's why we provide our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to portable toilet rentals in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Whether you need a portable toilet for an event, construction site, or just because you don't have one on your property, we can help!

Our portable restroom trailers come in various sizes, so no matter what kind of event you're planning or how much space you have to work with, we've got you covered. You can choose from any of our commercial restroom trailers:

  • ADA-Accessible
  • Restrooms
  • Shower Trailers

Disaster Relief Assistance in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Island Restroom Suites is proud to offer its Disaster Relief Assistance service to the residents of Palm Beach Gardens. We understand that when you're faced with a disaster situation, your first thought may be on getting your family to safety and finding shelter. But what happens when you have no power, no running water, and no way to wash your hands? That's where we come in!

We are here to provide portable restrooms for your home or business so you can stay clean and healthy while trying to get back on track following a hurricane or other natural disaster. We also provide showers and hand washing stations if necessary, so you don't have to worry about being exposed to disease from sharing facilities.

So, when a disaster strikes in the Palm Beach Gardens area, you can count on us to assist in any way we can. Immediately after notice, we can deploy our portable restroom trailers and shower facilities to ensure volunteers and those affected by the disaster have a clean and comfortable area for their needs.

Here's a list of the facilities included in our disaster relief assistance program:

  • Laundry trailers
  • Refrigeration trailers
  • Generators
  • Pumper service or sanitation trucks
  • ADA-accessible restroom trailers
  • Portable shower trailers

Event Portable Toilets in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you're looking for portable restrooms for your event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You've come to the right place. Island Restroom Suites provides portable restroom services for events of all sizes. We offer a wide selection of units and accessories to meet your needs. Our extensive experience in the industry has given us the ability to provide the best quality products and services at an affordable price. We can help you with your next event by providing portable toilet rental in Palm Beach Gardens.

If you don't need those fancy features of a luxury restroom trailer and are bound by a strict budget, then our event portable toilets are a great choice. Complete with all the restroom essentials, our portable toilets are perfect for intimate events and commercial applications.

  • Standard Portable Toilets
  • Handi Event Portable Toilet

Handwash Stations in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Island Restroom Suites also offers handwash station rentals in Palm Beach Gardens. So, whether you are planning a festival, BBQ, food fair, birthday, or any type of gathering, as long as there's a need for sanitation, we are here to help.

We offer a convenient solution to keeping your guests' hands clean. Our portable restroom suites are fully equipped with everything you need to keep your guests happy and healthy. Our handwash stations are available at a low cost and can be delivered quickly to your location. They are completely self-contained, making them perfect for any event and venue. You don't even have to connect them with any power and water supply. If you need additional equipment or supplies, just ask!

Portable Toilet Rental in Palm Beach Gardens

When you choose Island Restroom Suites, you are choosing the best portable restroom trailer service in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Unlike other companies, we are not brokers. Instead, we own and operate a fleet of luxury portable restroom trailers and portable toilets. So, expect modern and exceptionally clean portable restrooms with attention to detail and unparalleled 24/7 assistance at competitive prices. We can even provide you with a custom solution for your event or function. Just call us at 786-766-1067 or email us today to learn more about our portable restrooms and facilities.