5 Reasons Why Porta Potties Are Important for Disaster Relief

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Porta potties or portable toilets have become a necessity in many occasions. Whether it be marathons, private events, concerts, festivals, and sporting events, there's bound to be a porta potty nearby. Aside from that, a portable toilet is also necessary for other settings such as construction sites and disaster relief operations.

See, restrooms are one of the most important amenities when a disaster happens. Disaster victims, first responders, and every emergency professional in the site will require access to clean and sanitary restrooms. However, in the aftermath of a disaster, there may be a lack of buildings and local facilities that can provide sanitation and good hygiene - which can result in bigger problems later on. Luckily, porta potty rentals are available nationwide, providing a quick solution to such a serious problem.

Renting Porta Potties for Disaster Relief

When it comes to disaster relief, most people focus on planning the shelter, sleeping conditions, and finding sources of clean water and food. While these are certainly important, emergency management professionals are also required to consider temporary restrooms and sanitation areas. So if you are organizing a disaster relief, you must consider the comfort and convenience of everyone affected as well as the cleanliness onsite. You should also make sure that you can address the personal needs of everyone in the shelter. This is why renting porta potties is a must.

To help you understand better, here are the top 5 reasons why porta potties are important for disaster relief operations.

The Importance of Porta Potties for Disaster Relief

1. A porta potty provides evacuees comfort

During disaster relief, evacuees are already under a lot of stress. They have left their homes in a hurry not knowing when and if they can still go back. They are offered food that they are not used to, talking to people that they don't know, and forced to sleep in otherwise uncomfortable situations. Thus, most times, portable potty rentals are the closest thing that's normal during such trying time. People can close the door and, even in just a short while, feel comfortable.

2. A porta potty promotes sanitation

Whenever a lot of people gather together, sanitation becomes a priority. A restroom can easily get messy and dirty, especially when the power is out and clean water is unavailable. You may not even have the option to flush toilets from existing restrooms in the area. Luckily, potty rentals can help eliminate such issues and keep the disaster relief shelter more sanitary.

Also, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), communicable diseases and outbreaks such as diarrhoeal diseases and acute respiratory infections (ARI) are higher when there is crowding among evacuees, when there is not enough water and sanitation, and when evacuees don't have access to health care. Thus, to help reduce risks, portable toilets are a necessity.

3. A luxury porta potty provides access to running water

Access to clean, running water is often one of the most sought-after resources in a disaster relief shelter. This is because power cuts have already disrupted water treatment and supply plants. Not only is this an inconvenience but it also increases the risk of water-borne diseases.

A fancy porta potty can help address this issue and provide clean water for washing hands and face. This also ensures that the toilets can be flushed. Also, some portable restroom trailers have showers, giving evacuees and responders a comfortable and private place to clean up.

4. A portable toilet is mobile and easy-to-use

Porta potties and portable restroom trailers for rent are mobile and easy to use. This is an important feature since disasters can happen at any time and they are often unexpected. Thus, when it strikes, you need facilities and supplies to be delivered quickly as well. This is why you will need portable toilet rental services. They can be brought to the area immediately and quickly assist volunteers and everyone affected by the disaster.

For instance, at Island Restroom Suites, we can deploy our facilities within hours from notice. We can help ensure that everyone at the shelter will have a clean and comfortable place to relieve themselves at no time.

5. A porta potty provides private space for personal needs

A restroom is important wherever there are people, whether it be in disaster relief operations, households, restaurants, or workplace. It is a facility that addresses people's needs to relieve themselves. Thus, renting porta potties is a must when it comes to disaster relief as it provides a private space where evacuees and responders can do their business in peace. This also prevents anyone from defecating and urinating on the street or other public places.

Best Porta Potty Rentals

Trying to look for "luxury porta potty near me"? Look no further. Island Restroom Suites offer portable bathroom trailers and portable shower trailers that can provide immediate comfort, sanitation, running water, and a private place for evacuees and volunteers. Our units are complete with sinks, flushing toilets, interior lighting, and many more. We also offer ADA accessible restroom trailers, laundry trailers, refrigeration trailers, generators, and pumper service or sanitation trucks. With us, you have nothing to worry about.



But aside from our luxury portable trailers, we also offer the best porta potty rentals. Our standard porta potties are equipped with all the essentials, including a toilet, urinal, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. We can do daily or weekly cleaning as well. On the other hand, we also have Handi portable toilets, which offers the best solution for those with special needs. These portable toilets are larger than standard porta potties and have a more spacious interior, allowing wheelchair access. They are also equipped with toilets, bath tissues, hand sanitizers, and handrails.

Renting A Disaster Relief Porta-Potties

At Island Restroom Suites, we take disaster preparedness seriously. This is why our porta potty service rentals and trailers are readily available upon your request. We aim to help you help everyone affected by the disaster through clean, sanitary, and comfortable portable toilet rentals. Call us 786-766-1067 or contact us today to learn more about our disaster relief services.


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