5 Reasons to Rent a Fancy Porta Potty This Summer

fancy porta potty

For most places, summer is such a wonderful time. The sun is out, the air is pleasant, and there's a smaller chance of rain. Well, not here in the Sunshine State. Summer in Florida is different as it can be very hot, sunny, and fairly humid. It can also be muggy and thunderstorms with rain can happen anytime. In fact, during this season, there's a 40 to 50% chance of rain. But even so, summer is still a great time for events and parties in Florida.

During summertime, there are plenty of different local events and activities. When the weather permits, a lot of people will be looking forward to having fun, letting loose, and spending time outdoors. And if you are planning on throwing an event in summer, it is important to have all the necessities ready. This includes food, entertainment, venue, and decorations. Now, if you want to offer the most convenience and comfort to your guests and participants, you should also look for a porta potty rental. Why? Find out below. But first, let's look at what summer festivals in Florida are like.

Summer Festivals in Florida

There's nothing quite like Florida festivals. Every year, the state offers unique experiences and activities, and summer is no different. From music to film, food, motorcycles, dance, and other cool traditions, Florida hosts several events that go perfectly with the warm and sunny weather. When it's nice out, people can enjoy the outdoors. There are drinks, amazing food, live music, and an atmosphere that demands you to have fun.

From June to September, even with the high chances of rain, there are many events that locals look forward to. There's the Sing Out Loud Music Festival in St. Augustine where you can enjoy live music. The Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City where you'll have a great view of the beach, experience local eateries, and dance the night away. Aside from music, there are food festivals, comic cons, and arts and craft festivals too. There are also competitions like the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament where attendees can eat to their heart's content and enjoy live entertainment.

So while summer can be unpredictable, one thing is for certain: there are many Florida festivals where you can have a great time no matter the weather. That said, all these gatherings require fancy portable toilet rentals. Here are 4 reasons why.

Fancy Restrooms for Festivals

Whether you are planning music, arts, food, dance, or a cultural festival, one of the most important facilities you have to provide your attendees is a fancy porta potty rental. And here's why:

1. A porta potty rental meets personal needs

When planning a festival, you should consider how your participants and guests can answer the call of nature. This is a personal need that requires immediate attention. And the easiest, most convenient, and affordable way to meet this need is through portable toilet rentals.

With a fancy porta potty rental, you can provide a private space for all the people at your festival. Considering that food and drinks are present in your event, then expect people lining up to relieve themselves. Thus, you may need to rent a few more porta-potties.

2. A portable restroom promotes sanitation

Sanitation is important during festivals. With a lot of people holding food and shaking hands, you need to offer them a way to keep their hands clean, especially after going to the toilet. With a fancy porta potty, you can do that.

Most standard porta-potties offer a hand sanitizer, which your attendees can freely use after relieving themselves. But if you want to take it further, consider our luxury toilet rental trailers. We offer units with running water, flushing toilets, sinks, hand sanitizers, and soap dispensers.

Additionally, porta potty rentals also provide all the people in your event a convenient space where they can do their business in peace. This prevents them from doing it elsewhere.

3. A porta-potty is perfect for locations with little to no restrooms

Usually, festivals are held outdoors where there's a wider space for people to freely and comfortably move. However, most outdoor locations either don't have restrooms or don't have enough of them to accommodate your expected attendees. If this is the case, you need to rent a porta potty.

4. A porta-potty can help you meet state requirements

If you are going to apply for a permit to hold your festival, you are required to provide adequate temporary restroom facilities. So to make your festival happen, portable restroom toilet rentals are a necessity. But aside from meeting state requirements, having enough porta-potties would delight your attendees as they won't need to stand in line for too long.

The number of porta-potty rentals you need will depend on your location, attendees, duration, size, and nature of your event. Now, you might be wondering how much to rent a porta-potty? Well, a rough estimate is around $198 to $204 in Florida per week. For luxury porta potty, you might need to pay around $330. However, this can be lower or higher, depending on where you rent in from.

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Where To Rent The Best Porta Potty?

There are a lot of companies offering porta potties in Florida. However, not all of them offer the same quality. So if you find yourself Googling "luxury porta-potty rental near me," let us help make your search easier. You can find the best portable luxury restroom trailers and porta potties in Florida at Island Restroom Trailers.

We offer a wide range of portable toilet rentals from luxury restroom trailers to standard porta-potties. They are the perfect solution for festivals, weddings, corporate events, construction zones, concerts, reunions, disaster relief, and other gatherings. If you're worried about the cost to rent a luxury porta potty, we offer one of the most competitive rates in Florida as well. Call us at 786-766-1067 today, and let's discuss your project, event, and needs. We will be happy to provide you several options to fit your budget.

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