How To Keep Your Porta-Potty Safe Against COVID-19

Planning an event during these trying times is indeed more challenging. With the surge in coronavirus cases in the United States, many are following social distancing protocols and avoiding crowds. So when people do attend your event, part of your task as a host is to ensure your guests are safe against the virus. This includes keeping your facilities and portable restrooms clean and sanitized. And here are the ways to do that.

 Porta-Potty Safety Procedures

When it comes to portable restrooms in the time of a pandemic, following the usual coronavirus protocols is a must. This includes regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are frequently touched. See, one of the main ways how the disease is spread is through people touching contaminated objects or surfaces, then touching their nose, mouth, or eyes. So to help keep your guests protected, you have to follow the safety procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the following:

  • Frequently Touched Surfaces

The first thing you should do as a host is to determine the frequently touched surfaces at your event. In portable restrooms, this can include doorknobs, handrails, light switches, faucet, sinks, toilets, countertops, and flush handle.

  • Cleaning

Once you've identified all the surfaces, you need to clean them with a detergent and water. You then have to rinse and dry them. Using a detergent can help loosen the germs, making them easier to rinse away. Also, physically scrubbing the surfaces can reduce the number of germs. Furthermore, drying such surfaces can make it harder for the germs to grow and survive.

  • Disinfecting

After cleaning, you have to disinfect your portable restroom rentals. You can use chemicals to kill the germs and further lower the risk of spreading the infection. The CDC recommends specific EPA-registered disinfectants as they are effective against SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus causing the COVID-19 disease.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting are essential in reducing the risk of exposure to the virus. However, all these can be time-consuming. And as a host, you probably already have enough things to worry about. This is why we are offering to do the job for you. Here at Island Restroom Suites, we can arrange regular cleaning services along with your portable restroom rental. We can also arrange professional attendants if needed.

  • Handwashing Station

Part of the COVID-19 safety precautions also includes frequent cleaning of hands. So make sure to provide a handwashing station at your event. This means having soap and water readily available. Fortunately, we offer event restroom trailers that come with sinks, running water, hand soap, and paper hand towels. They are also fully stocked with toilet paper, trash bins, and trash bags.

If soap and water are not readily available, and if your portable restroom does not come with a sink, make sure that there's a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Or, you can just rent a hand washing station from Island Restroom Suites. Our units are the most convenient way to wash and keep you and your guests' hands clean. They are also self-contained, so you don't have to worry about hooking them up to any water or power source.

  • COVID-19 Prevention Supplies

When planning your event, consider having extra supplies on hand for all your guests, staff, and participants. You can position them near the bathroom facilities or where people can easily reach them. Such supplies can include hand sanitizer, tissues, disposable facemasks, and trash baskets. You can also prepare disinfectants and cleaning materials.

How to Ensure Porta-Potties are Properly Clean?

Unlike restroom trailers, luxury porta potties do not have sinks or running water. So as the host, you have to ensure that there's a hand sanitizer that your guests can easily access. You also want to load up on other porta potty supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. These can help you keep the facility clean and convenient to use. Now, what are the other ways on how to clean a porta-potty?

For one, you can hire someone who is in charge of the portable restroom cleaning. This individual will also periodically check on each vacant unit and restock when necessary. But to make it easier and to ensure that your restrooms are properly serviced, you can hire professionals instead. This is the best way to keep them sanitized for your guests.


Our maintenance service includes the removal of accumulated waste in your rental, scrubbing the facility from the inside out, and charge it with fresh additive.

Fight Back Virus

Indeed, hosting an event during a pandemic is a bit different. You have to follow COVID-19 public health protocols, including social distancing, frequent hand washing, and making sure that everything is sanitary. Aside from that, these practices can also help you fight other viruses and diseases, especially with the flu season right around the corner. So if you want to make it easier and safer for you and your guests, you need to choose the right team for your portable restroom needs.

At Island Restroom Suites, we take the sanitation and cleanliness of our rental units seriously. With us, you can expect exceptionally clean and well-maintained restrooms that not only looks good but smells good as well. Additionally, we provide custom solutions for any special event, from weddings, large commercial events, industrial projects, and disaster relief operations in Florida. Whether you are having a small gathering or expecting hundreds of guests, we have the restroom model you need. We also have ADA accessible facilities and luxury porta potties that can accommodate those with special needs.



Guaranteed, no matter the type and size of your event, Island Restroom Suites has the portable restroom services to help you fight against the coronavirus and ensure you and your guests a great time. For more information about our COVID-19 safe portable restrooms in Florida, you can call us at 786-766-1076.

You can also email us today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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