2+1 Station Signature Island Suite


This spacious 2-Door, 2+1 Station restroom suite has a delightful interior and is perfect for upscale events for up to 100 guests.

Ladies Area- one private restroom with sink/vanity/mirror

Mens Area- one private restroom with toilet and urinal with sink/vanity/mirror

Fully climate controlled to ensure total guest comfort

AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment package that allows the event planner or bride to play music wirelessly from their mobile device into the suite. Ceiling mounted speakers are out of sight, and provide full, rich sound

2+1 Station restroom suite


  • Length | w/Tongue: 10' | 15'
  • Width | w/Steps Down: 6' | 7'6"
  • Height w/AC: 10'11"
rendering 2+1 Station restroom suite

Set-up Requirements:

Set-up Requirements icons-04

Firm, level ground

Set-up Requirements icons-01

One dedicated 20 amp electrical circuit within 75 feet of the proposed setup location

Set-up Requirements icons-03

Garden hose water spigot with adequate pressure within 100 feet of setup location

Set-up Requirements icons-02

Internal water and generator can also be provided if needed and arranged in advance

Women's interior stall
Women's Interior Stall
Men's Interior Stall
Men's Interior Stall

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